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New build: https://youtu. Vindicators have access to 3 legends in a way, but swapping between the Kurzick legend Saint Viktor and the Luxon legend Archemorus does not proc legend swap related traits and class mechanics.
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  • Quick Links Best Specialization Builds For The Vindicator.
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    WvW Zerg build for Vindicator in GW2 that focuses on Support, Healing and Condition cleanse.

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    Power Vindicator PvP Build.

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    Guild Wars 2 Power Vindicator – Easy PvE Build Guide (34k DPS August 23rd Patch) Update: Vindicator gut buffed in the August 23rd Patch, and it does good damage and burst again :) Vindicator is.

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  • Vindicator 1-3-1 if running Shiro and Jalis, might consider 2-3-1 if running Alliance for a bit of extra might.
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    While you can run anything you want in open world and generally succeed, these builds will provide the most value to allow you to complete any of the open world content available in Guild Wars 2 such as: Map Completion.

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